On-Site Work

GBL is committed to being the best in the industry, both in our region, and the nation. The application of our products is a fast process. We enter a jobsite, pour our product, and depending on the size of the floor we are pouring, we may leave the same day we entered. This means that we bring a minimal amount of equipment and take it with us when we leave. We do not have containers or job trailers that stay on site for months taking up your valuable job site space.   

What happens when we enter the jobsite?

Upon arriving at the jobsite we need space for three pickup trucks, a pull behind pump, box trailer, and skid steer and trailer. Usual set-up/preparation time before pouring varies between 1-2 hours. Once set-up, our crew immediately begins pumping the material onto the floor. From this point on, there cannot be any traffic or work done on the floor we are installing. The quality of our product greatly depends on the cleanliness of the floor we are pouring. The following list are requirements we ask to be met before we arrive on the jobsite. These should all be completed one business day before we arrive.
  • Building must be water tight
  • Floor needs to be cleaned before arrival
  • Penetrations in floor fire caulked or sealed
  • Floor needs to be free of other trades
  • Adequate lighting is a must
  • All stops need to be in place
  • Drains set to proper heights
  • Floor temperature at a 50°F minimum
  • Water supply at 15 gallons per minute
  • Working AC outlet (during cold weather)
  • Designated area for debris (empty bags and pallets)
  • Adequate space for staging
During our initial preparation for the day we will do a courtesy inspection for leaks that may have been overlooked during the customer's preparation. All leak potentials will be sealed with low expansion foam or insulation should we find one.