GBL Construction exclusively installs LevelRock for all gypsum underlayment products. LevelRock is an underlayment developed and manufactured by USG. Utilizing LevelRock 2500 and 3500 as our primary gypsum underlayment, we can pour buildings spec'd for underlayment compressive strengths from 2000-3500+ psi.

Alongside LevelRock 2500 and 3500, USG offers many different types of gypsum and portland based underlayments for just about any situation. Whether it be wood frame construction, concrete planking, corrugated steel decking, radiant heat, or concrete slabs, USG offers a product to serve as the underlayment to your project.  

LevelRock CSD Early Exposure is an underlayment that can be used as the poured-in-place concrete for corrugated steel decking. Poured at a minimum of 1-9/16", weight is saved over the entire structure compared to the traditional use of concrete slab on metal decking. Furthermore, Early Exposure is made to be installed as early as 60 days prior to permanent windows and doors. For more information regarding LevelRock CSD Early Exposure, visit USG's website.