Sound Insulation Systems
If the standard sound reduction qualities of the gypsum products we install are not enough, customers, architects or contractors may choose to have a sound insulation system installed.
GBL can install a sound insulating system that greatly reduces impact noise transfer between floors, and stops flanking sound. This can be extremely important in the construction of multi-family buildings, hotels/motels, and dormitories. The system consists of the installation of a sound mat onto the floor, a perimeter isolation material is installed around the seam between floor and wall, and then a topping of gypsum underlayment is poured. Generally, LevelRock 2500 is the preferred underlayment to be used, however is not a requirement. Many other underlayments that GBL offer will work with the sound insulating system.
Keene Building Products™ manufactures 3-dimensional products for noise control. These products work in construction projects such as multi-family apartments and condominiums to stop impact and airborne noise.
GBL Construction is proud to be a licensed installer for the Keene Building Products Quite Qurl line. Because we are also licensed applicators for LevelRock gypsum materials we are able to install the entire sound insulation system for our customers. 
Quiet Qurl® products have been installed in every part of North America. This innovative full line product offers solutions in different thicknesses for code driven performance needs. Quiet Qurl® systems are available from 0.25” to 0.75” with a moisture control fabric top for installations with underlayments such as gypsum concrete.